Public Sector

The changes in public expectations and attitudes as well as the widespread use of technology have been pressuring the Public Sector to respond to citizen demand and stakeholder expectations and provide cost effective, efficient, equitable and empowering services.

The Cabinet Office has directed that ‘the citizen should be always and everywhere at the heart of public service provision’ but real transformation requires reform of delivery mechanisms and leaders need to think more radically if they are to successfully revolutionise their organisations.

The biggest challenge is to balance savings initiatives with the meaningful change of the services provided. At Netcall we know that any cut-back strikes at the heart of what you strive to deliver and we have an established track record of successfully implementing pragmatic citizen engagement solutions, with a rapid return on investment and the most potential for a step-change in service performance.

We work together with our customers to find and develop the most effective solution possible to meet their unique requirements. We recognise the demand to innovate and adapt services to meet the specific needs of their customers. Large-scale, off-the-shelf, one-size fits-all solutions are no longer the order of the day!

G-Cloud Initiative

Netcall is delighted to be part of the G-Cloud initiative. Public Sector organisations throughout the UK depend on Netcall’s comprehensive solutions to transform and deliver the best in customer and citizen engagement. Whether it is improving customer service and reducing cost to serve or increasing staff productivity, our multimedia solutions are empowering Public Sector organisations to achieve their priority goals. 

Customer Quotes (Stop animation)

“We are very happy with the way the Library Renewals Automation Agent has been implemented and received by the public. Borrowers can now call day or night, at their convenience, to renew a single or multiple items. Our CSAs can now concentrate on more complex tasks and only when a borrower needs help do they get involved.”

“The Payments system has made a tremendous difference to the way we process payments at TT2. It has helped us to achieve operational efficiencies using an automated, streamlined approach and has brought tangible financial benefits too.”

“Investing in Netcall’s intelligent call handling solution has enabled us to deliver 30% budget savings without sacrificing our front line services. This solution was implemented in an impressive eleven weeks from decision to go live!!! The schedule was tight because the solution needed to be in place to ensure the successful deployment of our new 101 service.”

“The implementation of the ContactPortal now provides our customers with one number to contact the Council, enabling us to deliver our service more efficiently. Multi-skilled staff can now deal with the more complex calls - allowing the ContactPortal to field routine switchboard calls.”

“Voice Recognition was chosen as the Council wanted to project a professional, forward-looking image. Netcall’s technical support and developers have been fantastic.”