Private Sector

One of the key aims of any organisation is aiding customers to reach, engage and complete their interactions in a satisfactory manner. 

The way this is undertaken and the manner in which it is accomplished can vary according to your sector and your organisation’s requirements.
Netcall provides intelligent practical solutions to meet real customer needs, in addition to saving time, money and resource for organisations. Our solutions are deployed in industries throughout the private sector, from finance and professional services to travel and retail.

Customer Quotes (Stop animation)

“We are happy with ContactCentre 59R. It is a trusted application that we use within our business. Just knowing that we can deliver great results to the clients’ specification within the team is a great advantage.”

“The Payments system is hassle-free and the 24-hour operation has given us unexpected positive results with our tenants located around the world. We are now no longer limited by office working hours, which is a great benefi t for tenants who do not have internet access but do have a telephone.”

“The solution has been an excellent introduction to automated surveys and has helped to identify areas for improvement. The fact that we can collate the survey results with minimum effort is a great advantage.”

“Where ultimate flexibility is key, I would advise going for a scalable and flexible solution which you can design and control yourself. I would recommend the Eden platform wholeheartedly. We are now working on a second Eden-based project and they will also be ensuring our CRM system maintains PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance.”

“As one of Netcall’s longest running customers we have benefited from excellent service from all the people we have met at the company. QMax Professional Service Consultants all have call centre experience and the ability to offer advice. We would certainly recommend people look at implementing reserve working and that they use QMax to make that happen.”